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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / Italian test drive - Lamborghini Gallardo
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# Posted: 3 Dec 2012 17:48

Italy is my favorite one of the European countries, not only because it is the hometown of his beloved team, the kind of purely national culture has been attracted to me, and the feelings in the Italian the Lamborghini brand culture ルイヴィトン 偽物 ダミエ ミュルティクレ4 N62631 財布 will be time to realize their dreams of trip. It can be said that the Lamborghini is the kind of give you a sense of distance car brand, but it has the ability, incredible magical version of capture the heart proud? Lamborghini, is destined to make you become the world's most arrogant the "Flurry cowboy"!

Of course, since I wanted to drive a Lamborghini, the the strong the "cattle array" essential. The carefully selected out of five Gallardo represents the most mainstream cultural connotation of the brand, tough, pure, uncompromising. And on the point ルイヴィトン 偽物 ダミエ ミュルティクレ 6 N62630 財布 of view of the route, from the Lamborghini headquarters drove to "water city of Venice, along the way not only can sprinkle flowers" speed sections along the street is a major task of showing off as much as possible ...

70 kg body slimming, this is definitely not a small challenge for a supercar. Allows you Yaotouhuangnao rock, there is no electric seats and better engine soundproof, those on the Gallardo LP 560-4 Superleggera seems so redundant timing differences drowsiness seems to have been completely deafening noise submerged.

If we say that the feeling of driving Lamborghini Gallardo in urban road how, I can only use one word to describe it is "stuck". A very restrained and low-key it is ルイヴィトン 偽物 ダミエ ポルトフォイユアレクサンドラ N63067 財布 completely breaking character barrier, another eager speed passion was born. Superleggera is more like a breakthrough limit the speed of the machine, rather than what we can be free to play with the big toys.

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