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# Posted: 26 Nov 2012 06:15 - Edited by: daisywxm

Well, ask him to come in, said Atticus. I already did. There some men outside in the yard, they want you to come out. In Maycomb, grown men stood outside in the front yard for only two reasons death and politics. I wondered who had died. Jem and I went to the front door, but Atticus called, Go back in the house. Jem turned out the livingroom lights and pressed his nose to a window screen. Aunt Alexandra ball joint suppliers protested. Just for a second, Aunty, let see who it is, he said. Dill and I took another window. A crowd of men was standing around Atticus. They all seemed to be talking at once. movin him to the county jail tomorrow, Mr. Tate was saying, I don't look for any trouble, but I can't guarantee there won't be any Don't be foolish, Heck, Atticus said. This is Maycomb. said I was just uneasy. Heck, we've gotten one postponement of this case just to make sure there nothing to be uneasy about. This is Saturday, Atticus said. Trial'll probably be Monday. You can keep him one night, can't you? I don't think anybody in Maycomb'll begrudge me a client, with times this hard. <br>

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