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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / Broke his silence to deny fraud
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# Posted: 24 Nov 2012 18:29

The most controversial point, Wu Xiaolei why the forklift driver written in their career. Use, Wu Xiaolei saying that the program group "cheat he wrote," but Wang Zhengyu denied this: "September 15, Wu Xiaolei from Changchun to Shenyang to participate in our program of roadshows his career at the registration table fill 'forklift driver'. 'Dream' (applicants) to the the roadshow site and submit the registration form for the first time have the opportunity to contact with the director in this case, the director how could design identity to him ? "

Wang Zhengyu sigh program group is not only impossible fraud packaging players also spent a lot of effort "to verify player identity, Wu Xiaolei no exception:" There are a lot of hurdles in Status Review --- First, search ヴィトン 財布 the Internet for the registration form we often receive the good condition of the players, but a search online, found each other is actually a professional singer Wu Xiaolei drilled loopholes, the singing stage name (nine days) is not the same with his real name, the results we can not find out then down multiple audits, including the roadshow local cooperation group of media and program director will review ...... 'dreams', Zhejiang Satellite TV also field trips 'dreams come true' demand, which in turn is an audit. "

Wang Zhengyu, said numerous audit effect for most players, but for the whole process, "good design, completely the people of Taiwan", it is difficult to verify.

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