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# Posted: 24 Nov 2012 18:25

Since Wu Xiaolei live in nice room, opened a luxury car, and then in the program, why Wu Xiaolei residential look so shabby? The more suspicious program group Wu Xiaolei "open forklifts site, whether this is a" conspiracy "of the <a href="" title="ヴィトン 財布"><strong>ヴィトン 財布</strong></a> program group and the players? In this regard, Wang Zhengyu said: "director Capitol went to Changchun, was a friend Kaichelaijie Wu Xiaolei, then we got me a site. Wu Xiaolei said this is his place of work also demonstrates the open forklift. after all, not the public security organs, when we are unable to further investigation. "

Then, the program went to the home of Wu Xiaolei, "As he said in the program, as their home is indeed a cottage, the house has two layers, the first layer of his mother rented out, selling barbecue, Wu Xiaolei said this is a very important income of their home. Wu Xiaolei wife and mother are in, he funded children also live here, and we believe but then we estimate, this may be the home of his father and mother, he could not there. "

Wu Xiaolei did not reveal too many "flaws" in the entire shooting process, Wang Zhengyu said: "He is a singing not very good, but people speak very much. Speak too place, we had a little doubt that he is not thought all the words to come. "In addition, he said the program group or the need to apologize to a national audience," After all, it is because the lax review that led to this vicious incident occurred.

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