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# Posted: 15 Nov 2012 08:23

***Baby-Boomers: The Finish of Multi-Tasking Is Single-Mindedness

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By: Allan J. Hamilton, MD, FACS
A handful of decades ago, there was a fantastic commercial hawking a margarine that had much less fat but the many taste of butter. It was so excellent that even Mother Nature was fooled but, at the close with the commercial, we had been warned: "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature." And, not too long ago, we've been messing with her bad.
Our society our world has come to be obsessed with multi-tasking. A short time ago, I watched a young lady who seemed to become the poster youngster for the woes of multi-tasking. She was a mother waiting to catch a plane. She was feeding her infant applesauce having a spoon in a single hand, when listening to messages on her cellphone with all the other. While the infant was swallowing between gulps she would lay down the spoon and form a handful of words on her laptop! Then she missed her connection for the reason that there was an announcement, which she did not catch, of a gate transform. We're all falling victims of sensory and informational overload.
Now, when we watch television, there are streaming telegraphic headlines along the margins about breaking news, ads pop up about upcoming guests on Jay Leno, and screens appear within screens, although credits from the last show rip past the opening scenes of the subsequent.
Lately, my household state of Arizona has begun pondering if it ought to fine individuals who're caught text messaging, when they are behind the wheel. Is there a debate about this? We may also take into account future legislation that prohibits the entry of target coordinates for intercontinental ballistic missiles or performing high voltage electrical repairs, though driving as well. The fact is that all of us, in a single style or a different, are attempting to accomplish too several things at once and it really is reached hazardous proportions.
And it does not operate. Mother Nature never ever developed our brains to concentrate on several tasks at once. As an example, the reality we drive down the road and have a conversation with a passenger does not basically translate into our brains performing each simultaneously. We basically carry them sequentially, alternating rapidly and adroitly amongst the two. Essentially, we are interpreting those two tasks, at the same time as a huge number of other sensory stimuli. One's brain downplays all of them: car or truck noises, passing scenery, seat belt as well tight, my hair looks okay, '69 Chevy, pothole, "Your daughter in fact mentioned that to you?" It will take note of them but can only hold its consideration on a single at a time. What provides us the illusion of multitasking may be the blazing speed with which the brain can zip from one particular activity to yet another.
The truth is, the point of mindful meditation would be to clear our thought processes by bringing them us back to focus on only 1 thought. It might be our breathing, a mantra, counting to ten, or even a prayer. The wonderful secret is they all function for the reason that one particular thought drives away any capacity to attend to any other individuals.
We may have to struggle and practice to return to that point of focus, but our consciousness will grasp whatever single notion we offer it. Moreover, when we understand to work with our brains, as an alternative to against them, a quiet tranquility descends on us. It happens when we listen with comprehensive interest. Or watch a movie with undivided concentrate. Or read, oblivious to something but the words offered on the web page. There is a straightforward, uncomplicated beauty from emptying rather filling the mind. It originates from recognizing our true, inner nature and it might be a productive and satisfying exercise to abide by it.
You might respond to Dr. Hamilton below or e-mail him at ahamilton@boomer-living
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# Posted: 15 Nov 2012 09:43

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