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# Posted: 7 Nov 2012 12:13

Clear Releases 4G iSpot, For iOS Only

Clear has just released the iSpot, a 4G regional hotspot device that's going for any specific introductory cost of $29 (down from $99), with unlimited data, no contract, and it'll set you back just $25 a month but it'll only perform on your iOS devices.

That is proper, it may connect to as much as eight of one's devices at a time, but only performs for iPods, iPads, and iPhones. Clear can unlock it for all devices, but that bumps the price tag as much as $40 per month (keep in mind that Sprint's Overdrive 4G is $60 per month, and requires a two-year contract).

According to Engadget, the iSpot is making sure that only iOS devices are used by filtering for MAC addresses, which is rather secure, but certainly spoofable.

To place it bluntly, I give it about a month ahead of an enterprising hacker has flashed this factor, installed custom firmware, and can let it run on any device for the reduce month-to-month price.
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