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# Posted: 4 Nov 2012 17:33

Behind The Scenes For The Verizon iPhone

Even though all of us believed it was coming, we didn't know for positive that the Verizon iPhone was within the performs until just before it landed, and you can bet that was due to the intense safety about the CDMA prototype. TechnoBuffalo has written up a really fascinating behind the scenes appear at the creation on the variant iPhone, and what was done to help keep it risk-free.

After the iPhone 4 was left behind in a bar and made its approach to Gizmodo, you can bet that Apple upped security with the CDMA version:

Our supply describes a one of a kind protocol requiring staffers to text a secret PIN code to a committed telephone quantity each 12 hours. This served as ongoing confirmation that the handset was nevertheless in the correct hands. So no PIN code, no functionality.

It was kept so secret that no one working on it known as it the iPhone, it was just mentioned from the codename ACME. Wile E Coyote could be proud.
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