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# Posted: 4 Nov 2012 17:31

AT&T May Give Up 25% Of T-Mobile To Keep Merger -

The DOJ's move to block the AT&T T-Mobile merger?was seen as a major blow to AT&T's chances at buying out their rival and if the deal falls through, they owe T-Mobile $6 billion. According to Reuters, AT&T is now going to present backup plans?in order to keep the deal afloat.

The telecom megagiant is apparently set to make some compromises in order to have the proposed merger go ahead, and might even be willing to give up a pretty serious chunk of their purchase. Reuters' sources claim that AT&T may have to sell off up to 25% of T-Mobile, including airwaves and customers 'to address the government's concern that just three companies would control 90 percent of the U.S. wireless market.'

Yeah, but if they sell off that section, who's going to buy it apart from one of the other major telecoms? Even then we'll still be knee-deep in only three competitors for the market.

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