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# Posted: 4 Nov 2012 17:30

AT&T Changes Upgrade Eligibility For New iPhone

If there was any doubt of a June launch of the next iPhone, here's another piece of evidence in its favor. AT&T has altered the upgrade eligibility dates for the iPhone 3GS users, making it end some six months earlier.

Previously, if you had a 3GS, you wouldn't be eligible for a discounted hardware upgrade until November 21. It has now been shifted back to June 21, making it just about the right time for the new iPhone to launch.

This eligibility change has only hit a few customers yet, so are any of our readers seeing it yet?

The major question, is if this is the date for the new iPhone's launch. It's substantially after WWDC, which is to occur June 7-11, and a day before Apple is rumored to book out the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco on June 22. June 21 is also a Monday, while Apple usually does major launches on Fridays.

Anyone willing to take a bet as to when the iPhone HD will launch?
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