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# Posted: 4 Nov 2012 07:05

moncler uk rain now be considered completely understood, Zhang Aoi completely Li Kai par, even such obviously should belong to the lines of Li Kai Zhang Aoi robbed victims of Li Kai where Biede flushed but can not speak to the King Rain watching Li Kaisheng angry, innocent expression, even laugh out."Oh, the competition of the way?""Well, because of this, moncler jackets feel unhappy it. Institute has not announced the game what, just tell us.

when just the group can be a good team, when other again announced." Zhang Aoi grimace, a lot of facial expressions exaggerated than Frank Lee."That in previous years, College not once held a similar moncler vest it?"Indeed every year held the annual game last year directly delegation single battle. "DU Zuo Chen also spoke."Ah, this tournament needs to tour, and limit the number of people we all know that we should be how to divide?"

Asked Jing rain, faint leaders demeanor Although the moncler coats of the other people did not say anything, but I certainly was unhappy."I look so good, game time, I'm afraid you do not know it, in fact, held the day after tomorrow, we do not have much time before we know soon, not too deep mutual understanding between the three of you seem to have get along over a period of time, the total of the general understanding, or else we assigned moncler sale.

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