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# Posted: 2 Nov 2012 07:40

moncler outlet first is the second layer of muscles Xuanming Armor strengthen "and" Sword of God tactic of the second layer of fusion. The the first soul Technology, King Yuhua bit of time to understand its function is the basis of the first layer to strengthen skin to internal development, strengthen the tendons and muscles of the body, the tendons and the toughness moncler jackets muscle explosive of enhanced.

As to the second layer of the tactic of the Sword of God, King Rain just get the formulas, does not know what role, thinking for a long time, and did not consider out what they were, so I do not want moncler vest, consciousness again returned to consciousness sea.Once The King Rain awareness regression knowledge sea, see the blood god beads suspended in the Scarlet knowledge sea side, King Rain suddenly to the spirits.

command subconscious awareness of the moncler coats of the beads to the Blood God, results, and again in the mind of King Rain some things, makes King Rain eyes light up, really thankful worthwhile trip.In the mind of King Rain shocking Scarlet font writing another one into the soul of technology called: "blood first Blood of nerve."The blood nerve first blood of his party Scarlet the characters occur in the brain of the King of moncler sale.

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