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# Posted: 31 Oct 2012 11:36

iPad 2 GSM And CDMA Versions Compared -

iFixit have performed a comparative teardown between the two 3G versions of your ipad 2 stripping the CDMA and GSM versions down to their constituent parts so as to see the differences in the antennae. The photo above (from the major) shows the WiFI, GSM and lastly CDMA versions. The differences are small, but absolutely crucial:

The logic boards are probably the most beneficial instance: each the CDMA and GSM variants had WWAN boards which of course contained absolutely different chips attached to the logic boards, when the Wi-Fi version had empty space. However the empty space was magical, per Apple guidelines, though startlingly devoid of something.
But not all differences were restricted for the logic boards. There GSM, CDMA, and Wi-Fi units also had various numbers of antennas that deal with the WWAN reception for each and every model. [T]he CDMA version has one particular further antenna connector when in comparison to the GSM version.
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# Posted: 1 Nov 2012 09:25

Nike Trainers yet a very accurate enquiry is necessary before we can pronounce -every peculiar form of stone to be the effects of Druidical art, or consider every moving rock as subservient to divination or religion. The situation of these rocks is often, of considerable importance in the decision. One of the largest rocks, moved with the least force, that we have seen, evidently owes its motion to accident. It is a vail mass, sep*.rated from a mountain, where the sides, once contiguous, are evidently discernible: Nike Running we know two rocks which owe their motion to the effects of the tides; and it is remarkable, that these rocks rest on knobs like some which major Rooke has figured, and whose mobility is attributed to art. Natural history must, therefore, come to the aid of the antiquary; and the nature of the rocks, their situation, and the natural history of the adjoining country, will be required, before it will be easy to decide on the origin of their motion. In general, the Druids seem to have taken advantage of natural circumstances, Nike Air Max and the very little art which we perceive in any of their monuments, forbid us to look very deeply for the causes of their choice, or for their execution. The greater number of these stones, as far as we can judge from the ap^ pearance of the plates, are indebted for their motion to their peculiar nature, and to accidental circumstances. The oracular ilone is, however, very curious, and the effect is, in some degree, artificial. We lhajl extract our author's account of it,
No, 7. represents an east view of a very singular kind of monument, Nike High Tops which J believe has never been taken notice of by any antiquary. I think I may call it an oracular stone, though it goes by the name of the Great Cannon. It rests upon a bed of rock, where a road plainly appears to rjave been made leading to the hole, which at the entrance is three feet wide, sisc, feet deep, and about three feet six inches high. Within this aperture, on the right hand is a round hole, two feet diameter 4 perforated quite through the rock, sixteen feet, Nike Blazer and running from south to north. In the above mentioned aperture, a man might lay concealed, and predict future events to those that came to consult the oracle, and is heard distinctly on the north fide of the rock, where the hole is not visible. This might make the credulous Britons think the predictions proceeded solely from the rock deity. The voice on the outside is as distinctly conveyed to the person in the aperture, as was several times tried. The circumference of this rock is ninety-six feet.
There is reason to suppose, Nike Air Max 90 that people in the dark ages of Druidism, imagined that the rock idols had a power of articulation.

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