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# Posted: 31 Oct 2012 11:33

iOS 6 Reveals Hardware Specs for iPhone 5?

In line with 9to5Mac,who've apparently features a source with some hands on time with iOS six, have delved into the code to learn far more concerning the processor we may well see inside the iPhone 5.

The report claims the new iPhone running iOS six consists of Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0 as well as the processor is an ARM S5L8950X. Apple at the moment uses the SL8940X on the iPhone 4S along with the SL8945X on the new iPad. Their source says Apple is refers to this method as the A5-*** internally. To shield the source, they have not shared those three letters or numbers that make up the actual product name.

As for the RAM, count on 1GB, that's what we've now with the new iPad.

This prototype is working with a SoC (process on a chip), together with the GPU chip known as the SGX543RC. It really is an unknown chip, so also unknown would be the specifications.

So, quicker processor, enhanced GPU and more RAM. All these sound plausible.

Source: 9to5Mac
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# Posted: 1 Nov 2012 11:38

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# Posted: 9 Nov 2012 07:19

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# Posted: 12 Nov 2012 13:33

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# Posted: 22 Nov 2012 07:10

Not so surprising Cheap beats by dre was the runaway victory by San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey for the National League MVP. Posey received 27 first-place votes out of a possible 32 to far outpoint Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun, 422-285. Posey did not finish lower than third on any of the ballots cast by two Cheap beats Baseball Writers' Association of America members from each NL city.
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# Posted: 29 Nov 2012 03:34

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# Posted: 30 Nov 2012 13:53

wmlgqaxztuy1201 Mr. Ford dive-tackled a proposal to support an office-residential-retail tower in Adam Vaughan's downtown ward. City staff recommended rejecting the original proposal; cheap beats by dre Mr. Vaughan put forward a motion to support a revised version of the proposal which, among other things, would put $1-million into city coffers for infrastructure work in the neighbourhood.The mayor was not impressed."It's wrong for him to be asking developers for this money," he said. "If staff says 'no,' and the local councillor jumps in and says, cheap beats by dre 'Hold on, partner. Gimme a million dollars and we'll put it through council,' why have staff?"Negotiations for the $1-million, as well as other concessions such as changes to the building design, were done under Section 37, beats by dre cheap a piece of provincial legislation that allows for the city to negotiate community benefits in exchange for more height or density in a development than would otherwise not be allowed. Both Mr. Ford and his brother, councillor Doug Ford, have criticized the process in the past, characterizing it as beats by dre cheap an unfair way to exact cash from developers."This is like a shakedown," Mayor Ford said Thursday, although he later recanted somewhat. "I am more than happy to withdraw the word 'shakedown,'" he allowed. "But asking developers to pay a million dollars and go against staff outright, that's problematic."

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