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# Posted: 31 Oct 2012 08:13

moncler sale has always maintained the first position: Soul Calibur pointing to the sky high above his head, face twitching reveal decidedly.But The King Rain body of the state already is badly. King Rain video countless lightning the snake walk which promote the body's spiritual power scurrying to life speed, there is no pattern, meridians are through holes, I'm moncler coats not take long in the body, King Rain will be due to the the body meridians rupture.

the Soul Calibur deformation in the pubic region and blasting to death.At this critical juncture, Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish has been hovering in the pubic region again whirling up from above the body of the moncler vest Rain Soul Calibur continue to draw spiritual power hovering above the yin and yang fish resembles the shape of a sea tornado exudes huge suction. This continuous suction lessons the systemic violent thunder element of spiritual power and thus strengthen their own.

forming a virtuous circle, finally overwhelms all moncler jackets of Ray absorption over all injected Chi Yin and Yang fish, and then through the yin and yang fish purification, all return Soul Calibur King Rain pubic region."Ah!" Lightning disappearance instant, King Rain his head and shouted, and then down one knee, although lightning all yin and yang fish absorb transform into spiritual power, however Jing the body meridians rain damaged is disguising moncler uk.

# Posted: 1 Nov 2012 11:44

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