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# Posted: 31 Oct 2012 08:10

moncler sale am afraid we can not accept your good intentions." this fan male, unafraid of death of the gas, the sky bleak Ran Wang red makeup."Haha, Ran Wang, which you can see, I do not give them a chance, they glue the fundamental act recklessly, It may be no wonder to me." He finished, fan male right arm raised his index finger again pointing to the head of the moncler coats Rain trio. Moment, a lightning arm thick slowly re-forming, and finally without any stay Pila down, the target is the Li Kai.

This, Ran Wang surprisingly no action, despite the lightning come indifferent.Which makes sense seeing brothers are in trouble, do not help. King Rain is placing the full, rushed to the side of the Li Kai, just war, the scene at the moment the moncler vest had disheveled, I saw he did not hesitate to lift its own Soul Calibur, walked up to come from the mine Eagle Lightning.

"No!" Arrived moncler jackets did not expect Ran Wang will this buguanbugu to, but did not think King Rain Li Kaicheng by the fatal blow to bring the body behalf, been indifferent peaceful Zhujun moment turned red eyes, breathing heavy to run, but is at a distance in front, is difficult at this moment close to Li Kai."My brother!" Zhujun shouted. Unfortunately, lightning has been connecting Soul Calibur rain and King The King Rain convulsions moncler uk.

# Posted: 1 Nov 2012 11:34

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