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# Posted: 30 Oct 2012 10:04

iOS 4 Adds Direct Song Access To Apps

When iOS 3 1st rolled about, it gave apps particularly limited access to music. They could load them up, but not really tweak them, play with them, or analyze them. With iOS 4, that's all about to modify. As Engadget points out, the very first app to create use in the new API is a DJing app called Flare Scratch, which lets you scratch over tracks out of your iPhone library.

Although that may possibly not sound quite impressive, there is plenty of possible for this new API. Yes, DJing and audio programs will benefit, but so will other platforms. SquareEnix's Song Summoner for the iPhone dynamically generated units in the game according to your music, but did so depending on song length and title, and some sort of randomization (I consider). Now, it could in fact analyze the song itself, and use the information and facts in the game. Or maybe we'll finally see AudioSurf on the iPhone.

I feel there is lots of potential here.
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