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# Posted: 30 Oct 2012 07:24

moncler uk body with eight legs, forehead has three purple eyes, rendering triangle appears particularly hideous evil, this is not who is also the eye in the sky spider. Strange to say, it is such a chase along the route Zhujun leave the past, King Rain and Li Kai is exposed stratagem succeed smile.Original Zhujun the sprinkle of yellow powder form of the material moncler jackets the eye in the sky spiders favorite yellow spiritual fruit of the seeds.

would like to initially took on the task, they have a long time ago to develop a strategic plan, to buy a yellow spiritual fruit of the seeds, decided first eye in the sky spider leads to the cave , and then the moncler vest of the steal eggs Plan, not, to use the words of Frank Lee is called the "take" egg plan.To see the crowd surrounded us, King Rain eyes squint, and Kai, Zhujun exchange glances, then Zhujun glanced one direction.

King Rain and Li Kai knowing nod then moncler coats suddenly turned, quickly rushed to his previous glanced in that direction, Li Kaijing rain followed. It turned out that in the case of the first implementation of the scheme failed, the trio entered the second stage of the implementation of the plan, and that is to break through that corner looking for the weakest.I saw Zhujun double-pole dancing, several siege are shocked that fierce momentum, yet there are a few people choose to take shelter in the moncler sale.

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