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# Posted: 30 Oct 2012 07:17

"moncler sale?" Ran Wang Li Kai injuries are quite severe, King rain is seriously wounded, so I find it is better they first return to the College of rest."We" King Rain just say, Kai turned halfway kill out: "We continue to go to the Perishable forest!""Ah? Our now hurt you in the end how to think?" King Rain puzzled.Back? Could go back to see mine small three pair of colors, moncler coats stuffiness Health. Now, I think he was angry, or away from him as far as possible ... "

The King Rain did not adhere to go back, but his head turned Zhujun.Zhujun smile: "Well, we continue to complete the task this Take a little later to find a place to dose, I believe that we will recover in a moncler vest time to peak." The emotions are infected, Zhujun the laugh chill tense atmosphere suddenly a lot easier. Then, Zhujun the hands come up two aquamarine immortality, throw the Rain King and Li Kai.

King rain to immortality in your hand, moncler jackets the nasal side sniff, feel the vitality of an majestic fleeing to their internal organs, nourish the body.Magic immortality immortality? "King Rain can not help but ask."This is most proud of the work my grandfather, named 'Razor soul Dan', within a quarter of an hour to reply knife Xia (including knife Xia) following injury., After all, is a medical family, how can you not point such drugs? "Zhujun stand up, eyes shining light of moncler uk.

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