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# Posted: 26 Oct 2012 07:45

moncler outlet Rain looked on such a wonderful acquaintance, could no longer bear approached and asked: "have not I ask you is that area of ??the newborn, and the specific case of what?""Well, I just enrolled completed, is assigned to the B502 quarters, we should go to the dorm, I did not expect the halfway met you, so I shot up." The sound of Zhujun is bland, moncler jackets rate of speech, not rash, and allow people to listen to After a spring breeze, indescribable peace of mind.

This King Rain Ran Wang, Kai Li, there stood waiting exchanges simultaneously exclaimed out loud.Li Kai Originally grinning round face on, two eyeball stare round, just beat the Pan Zhujun shoulder arm also moncler accessory in the air. The King Rain Fortunately, in a previous life, he had a special quality, that is, both in front of any major event can remain calm, because he felt no big deal, the worst one death only.

But this thing is too strange funny plus chance, moncler coats made King the rain is somewhat unexpected, this marvel out. As for Wang Ran, see this situation of course and then be happy, however, is quickly recovered laughed: "That would be great, It seems that the world is really the presence of fate.""Ah? B502 What is wrong with it?" Zhujun Jian Mei micro pick, asked out of his own thought."Ha ha ha ha ... not only is wrong, but very wrong with ah, brother, can you guess what we moncler sale?"

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# Posted: 26 Oct 2012 09:14

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# Posted: 30 Oct 2012 00:49

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