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# Posted: 26 Oct 2012 07:38

moncler sale after the disappearance of the fuzzy edge of the bamboo, but this time it revealed two smaller bamboo edge, respectively by Zhujun two hands control, Zhujun his arms the next exhibition, the slightest without losing the style. Under the Zhangsanlisi flurry offensive the two bamboo cutting edge in Zhujun the hands, as if the sculptor hand graver general, his moncler coats stand such as pine, the flexible arms waving.

each dance Bamboo Blade will accurately hit the Achilles heel of the fire python interrupted each other's attack, in the most ingenious, King rain looked, but found Zhujun different at the moment at. moncler accessory his next Zhujun, he heard the sound of singing Zhujun just exactly "skillfully deflected the question," with minimal force and the most accurate attack each other to resolve the indiscriminate bombing.

King Rain also noted that the pupil moncler jackets the moment of Bise eyes Zhujun is rapidly turning a magic.Fighting has now entered into the white-hot stage, the onlookers issued sigh Voice is also one after another the rough mad attack and Zhujun of of Tom, Dick and Harry's indifferent elegant defense deeply imprinted in the hearts of every newborn, to let everyone know this Soul Calibur College is definitely not vegetarian, came here is indeed the world's moncler outlet.

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