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# Posted: 26 Oct 2012 07:33

moncler sale last body and they could not help trembling , these details King Rain see in the eyes, but my mind was somehow, do you guys got a little older? Or he is a very high-handed, and others do not want to live with? Short, King Rain did not care so much, thank after you break into this room is not large, also an area of ??50 square meters, has four beds, including moncler coats close together, away from the door recently.

Two equally side by side, but in the position furthest away from the door. King rain at the moment hands carrying a lot of things and wish I had put down these burdens, so it is selected from the entrance moncler accessory the bed, nothing special purpose.King Rain curiously looked at the bed and thought: "I see this bed nothing much, ah, this guy What the hell, sweat, forget it, so in accordance with he had, anyway.

I was only to stay here one moncler jackets only. "King the rain picked up just bedside luggage, toward the furthest away from the door of the bed. AndA small boy to see if he is sensible, and did not say more.The afternoon's life and nothing highlights King Rain As a waiter, watching the comings and goings of Keguan all kinds of people, could not help but exclaimed: "here is the rich and moncler outlet."

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