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# Posted: 24 Oct 2012 07:15

The making of a classic
As a genre fan and follower of castle season 4 dvd. Hollywood has always been fascinated with the publics response to the magic between people. Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn were a dueling par in many movies were a male and female leads gave the audience the kind of relationship they look for in life and can only find on screen. Castle series with the detective Becket and writer Castle has dawned unto the small screen as a captivating par solving crimes and facing lives challenges with brains, hearts, and passion only to be frustrated by reality and politics. A smart show with a lot of history behind the characters to drive the epoch and of course enough crime to always keep them busy.This episode is based on the aftermath of the hidden story behind Kate Beckett's personal story. Having been mortally shot, she rises to a new challenge internally and externally as she faces an office with a new boss, and mixed emotions over Castle's poorly timed but passionate confession.
cheap Castle dvd on the other hand must wrestle with bigger demons as he realizes the catastrophe she overcame is but a sign that the enemy is far bigger and more powerful than first envisioned. Brilliantly, Castle chooses to create a plot twist to approach the problem from the sides as opposed to Beckett's more direct and often violent approach.

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