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Pregnancy Yoga DVD FAQs

Why Yoga?Because yoga is the perfect tool for birth preparation. Yoga works on the body- improving flexibility, aligning the spine and exploring possible birth positions- all of which are perfect preparation for labour. Regular practice has proven to improve posture, alleviate back problems and strengthen the body, which is subject to both muscular and hormonal changes throughout the nine months of pregnancy. It is also a wonderful way to quieten the mind and practice getting into the ‘back’ or primal brain which is key to having a physiological birth. In our time-poor society, yoga practice gives you precious time to yourself and with your unborn baby.Who is it suitable for?This Yoga for Pregnancy DVD is suitable from anyone with a normal pregnancy from 14 weeks. It is not necessary to have had previous yoga experience, and the three different sessions enable you to work at your own pace and according to your stage of pregnancy.Is it safe?Yoga is a perfectly safe form of exercise to do during pregnancy. As with all exercises however, it is important to speak to your doctor or midwife before starting your practice.How will it affect the baby?The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby will be. Yoga helps to alleviate stress and promote better sleep, as well as improving circulation and digestion- all of which are of benefit to your baby.How will it affect my labour?Experience has shown that women who undertake regular yoga practice during pregnancy tend to have easier births because of it. They are well-practiced in using active birth, stronger and more attuned to the natural rhythm of their body. Whilst nothing can guarantee you the ‘perfect’ birth, yoga is a wonderful way to prepare the mind and body and thus significantly improve your chances of having the birth you want.How often should I practice?In an ideal world three times a week, though any practice at all would be beneficial. This dvd is perfect for use on your own, or in addition to a weekly class with a qualified instructor.When can I start?Any time after 14 weeks pregnancy and with clearance from your midwife.


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