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“Buddha Bellies is a nurturing, informative and relaxing pregnancy yoga DVD. It is also, in my view, a crucial step towards achieving an active birth. I did the intermediate session (a handy 45 mins) every day for the last six weeks of my pregnancy and I’m sure it was a major component in my achieving the birth I wanted - in water, without any medical intervention. I think Nicole is that rare thing in pregnancy yoga - someone who really knows her stuff but who wears her knowledge lightly, always putting the postures first. I can’t recommend this DVD more highly.”

Sarah Johnston, London.

“Nicole’s yoga DVD has been an indispensable part of my pregnancy, alongside her weekly classes. The DVD allows you to choose between 3 practice session ranging in duration and ability.
Following Nicole’s clear and concise instruction allows you to follow a practice session with ease whilst experiencing an enhanced attunement with one’s ever changing body and mind throughout this life changing time.
The filming assists you in seeing postures clearly with an additional image in the corner of the screen that highlights specific areas of focus or alternatives to the main posture shown.
I would highly recommend this DVD to any woman in pregnancy. I can only hope that there is a post natal DVD in the pipeline!”

Catherine Simpson, Woodstock.


The DVD is available to buy today and is in stock!