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I am interested in collecting pictures of women in labour- but not conventional, fully naked ones- but rather a series of pictures of a woman’s face in labour, to track and record her experience, and in doing so attempt to create an emotional map of labour. If anywone is willing to have their partner take subtle an unobtrusive photos of the birth, will you contact me by email

I will of course pay for the photos and will give a free sling to anyone generous enough to share their experience with me. I think it will beĀ  a wonderful exercise and something that will be lovely to be a part of. It might also be a wonderful record of your own experience in years to come.

Just an additional note to anyone who would like to be part of this endeavour. It is of utmost importance that a woman does not feel observed or disturbed in the process of labour. Many women can be subtly photographed without it being an impediment to labour but it is essential that the recording of the birth be done subtly and sensitively so as to not impact on it in any way. As the photographer, choosing your moment and making sure that the mother is okay with the process throughout is essential. I would rather someone have a happy birth with no photos to show for it if that is necessary.

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