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Why we shouldn’t eat for two……

For those of us who enjoy the excuse for an extra slice, its not good news that there are quite serious reasons why the old ‘eating for two’ adage is a myth. Until recently the pregnant woman tended to rest easy, eating according to her every whim and indulging her notoriously strange cravings. But science has now given us a good ticking off. It has been found that women who are overweight when they fall pregnant are at significantly higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, or of haemmoraghing during their pregnancy. For those in the know, this in itself is not radical stuff, though that is not to underemphasise its importance. But more controversially, and perhaps also even more compellingly, there is further - as yet early - evidence, that an overweight mother is more likely to create an overweight adult. Scientists believe- and a long term study has been set in motion to test it- that hormones produced by the overweight pregnant mother alter the brain of the developing baby, making it more prone to being overweight later in life. Whilst dieting during pregnancy also comes with its own risks, it suggests that if we think that pregnancy is an excuse for packing on the piles, we should think again.

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