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The Good Birth Companion

My book is now widely available to buy… major Waterstones and WHsmiths, at Jaffe and Neale if you live locally, or on Amazon.good-birth-companion.jpg

Praise for the book so far……


‘I cant praise this book enough. Nicole Croft clearly shares her very wide knowledge and experiences from her many roles as doula, active birth centre associate and yoga during pregnancy teacher. Easy to follow, easy to read and I can honestly say I have managed to read almost all of it as it has been difficult to put down. Its modern and refreshing and I will be passing it on to the sister in law who is due her first later this year. Five stars from me.’


‘When you read this book you feel as though you have a very wise best friend standing next to you helping you through the various anxieties of pregnancy and birth.. I believe that ‘knowledge is power’ and this book has made me feel that I have all the information I need to give birth without fear. Would definitely recommend this book - by far the best birthing book I have come across.’


‘If you only read one book to prepare for birth - this is the one to read. Nicole Croft explains the birth process in a really clear and balanced way. The thing I love most about her approach is that she doesn’t judge the choices people make about their birth, she simply explains everything really clearly so that mothers can make informed choices.’ 


‘It feels like all the best parts of my favourite birth books have been distilled into one handily carried paperback. I’m only halfway through but already I’m feeling so much more relaxed about it all. The author writes in an informal and light style but with real authority on the subject, debunking myths left, right and centre, challenging established ideas and making it all quite fun in the process.’




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