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Classes/Workshops etc January 2011

Postnatal Classes - Monday mornings between 10 and 11.30 in the Woodstock Methodist Church Hall. Six week course starts this Monday though you are welcome to join us throughout the course. Intimate class of new mothers with babies up to 8 months old. Something for you though babies very much welcome. Still a couple of places so do email me asap if you’d like a place.Prenatal Class - Monday evenings 7-9 pm in the Woodstock Town Hall. Running every Monday night until Easter with a two week break in Feb. this class is usually very full so please email interest and I will let you know of there is a space or put you on the wait-list if there isnt. We have a lot of babies due this term so if you are wait-listed it shouldnt be too long until you get a place.Couples Workshop- the next couples workshop is Tuesday 15th March 7.15- 9.45. Places limited so early booking essential.Doula work- I have limited spaces this year so please let me know if you’d like to know more about the doula package I offer.

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